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Workshop Overview

The workshop will focus on counseling of people and this generally involves giving opportunity talking and developing an attitude that may not affect the life of the employee. HR professionals definitely need to be equipped with counseling skills other than just dealing with staff selection, appraisal, training etc. as they also have to handle employee’s grievances, conflicts between employees and poor performance.

Workshop objectives:

·         To understand the importance of counseling in the workplace.

·         To ensure participants understand the role of counseling and responsibilities of HR professionals as counselors, and the importance of each one.

·         To identify the skills involved in counseling employees, specifically in employees’ grievances, inter-personal conflicts, family-related, attitude/behaviour, emotional/psychological and disciplinary matters.

·         To acquire the skills of counseling through role-play and practice.

·         To identify techniques of counseling in a workplace.

·         To identify key counseling strategies in work-related problems.

·         To identify employee strength or weakness and counsel accordingly.

·         To develop skills on the employees welfare to increase motivation at workplace.

Workshop Content:

·         Introduction to counseling  as HR Perspective

o    What is counseling

o    Core condition in Counseling

·         Counseling Skills/ Techniques

o    Counseling Process

o    Awareness of Self

o    Ethical and Legal

o    Duty of secrecy in cancelling

·         Application of Counseling Skills

o    Workplace Issue (Work and Home/Self Issue)

o    Stress Management

o    HIV & AIDS and Non Communicable Diseases

·         Diversity Management

o    Concept of diversity

o    Potential benefits/ challenges of diversity management at workplace

o    Factor to consider on diversity management plan

Workshop Outcome:

·         An understanding of fundamentals of counseling process and building the counseling relationship.

·         Acquiring the counseling skills required to and intervention strategies to perform employee’s counseling in a safe environment.

·         The ability to practice skills, such as handling employee’s grievances and disciplinary matters competently and professionally.

Target Audience

This programme is a skills-based course designed for those who are performing HR function, or who have some experience, but no formal training, who would like to broaden their counseling knowledge and develop their counseling skills.

Date:  20 - 24 August, 2018

Venue: Arusha

Course Properties

Course date: 20-08-2018 8:30 am
Course End Date: 24-08-2018 4:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Location Arusha

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