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Traditional mode of delivery, where learners and the facilitator will be on the same venue.

Description: -

The role of risk has become increasingly challenging as expectations for board engagement are at all time high. Risk is a pervasive part of everyday business and organizational strategy. But, the complexity of business transactions, technology advances, globalization, speed of product cycles, and the overall pace of change have increased the volume and complexities of risks facing organizations over the last decade.

The three Days Interactive Workshop on Effective Enterprise Risk Oversight will transform your thinking and understanding of Enterprise Risk Management, and allow you to see things from a Board’s perspective.

Workshop Objective: -

The objective of the workshop is  deepen understanding of the Board’s responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management; Understanding organisation’s risk philosophy and concur with the risk appetite; Know to which extent management has established effective enterprise risk management of the organization; Review the organisation’s portfolio of risk and consider it against the risk appetite and be apprised of the most significant risks and whether management is responding appropriately.

Targeting audience : -

Board Chairpersons, Ministerial Advisory Boards, Executive Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Legal Secretaries; Executive Secretaries; Risk Management Professionals;  Compliance Professionals; and those engaged in Communities involved to carry board functions.


Dates:    27th to 29th May, 2019


Venue: Arusha, Tanzania

Course date: 27-05-2019 8:00 am
Course End Date: 29-05-2019 4:00 pm
Capacity: Unlimited


Wakala wa Mafunzo kwa Njia ya Mtandao (Tanzania Global Learning Agency (TaGLA) imeandaa mafunzo ya Kujiandaa na Maisha Baada ya Kustaafu Kazi. Mafunzo haya ni fursa ya pekee kwa wafanyakazi walio katika ajira rasmi kuweza kutafakari,kutathimini na kupanga maisha yao baada ya kustaafu. Mafunzo haya yataendeshwa kwa muda wa siku tano .



Lengo la mafunzo haya ni kuwapa washiriki maarifa,mbinu na uzoefu wa jinsi ya kujiandaa vema na maisha baada ya kustaafu. Tafiti mbalimbali zimebaini kuwa wastaafu wengi hukumbwa na  misukosuko mingi ya kifedha, kiafya na kimaisha kwa ujumla. Moja kati ya sababu kubwa  ya wastaafu kukumbwa na misukosuko hiyo na kushindwa kuihimili vema ni kutokuwa na mipango madhubuti ya maisha baada ya kustaafu kazi.

Mafunzo ya Kujiandaa na Maisha Baada ya Kustaafu Kazi   yamelenga     kumwezesha mfanyakazi kuanza mapema kuandaa mpango binafsi wa kujiandaa kustaafu.   Mafunzo pia yatatoa fursa  kwa washiriki                  kubadilishana ufahamu na uzoefu     kutokana na  mazingira watokayo.


Malengo mahsusi ya mafunzo haya ni:-

· Kuwaandaa washiriki kisaikolojia juu ya maisha baada ya kustaafu,

· Kuwaelimisha juu ya kuandaa mpango binafsi wa kustaafu,

· Kuwapa mbinu za kijasiriamali na stadi za maisha,

· Kutoa elimu ya afya.



Wale wote walio   katika ajira rasmi.







Course date: 10-06-2019 8:00 am
Course End Date: 14-06-2019 4:00 pm
Capacity: Unlimited

Description: -

Tanzania Global Learning Agency (TaGLA) in collaboration with VINSYS (India) has organized a tailor-made workshop that provides direction and vision; set the tone for organization, influence everything from the strategic direction of the organization to the satisfaction level of the employees.

With much of the focus on business and personal leadership, a shift needs to happen, and it is to health leadership. There is a need for being personally healthy and personally engaged with our health information. This workshop will provide a platform for a step towards health self evaluation and establishment of personal health data of participants.

Workshop Objective: -

The Training will provide an opportunity to understanding today’s executive leadership expectations; develop critical and reflective thinking abilities; demonstrate a commitment to social justice; exhibit responsible decision-making and personal accountability; exhibit the ability to work effectively with those different from themselves; leading with the heart and demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork.

Workshop Outcomes: -

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to know the fundamentals of building a leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides your entire team toward greater performance and profit; Gain insights into the key leadership skills and techniques you need to create a winning strategy; Learn the underlying factors for ‘coaching’ and know how to build an extraordinary team that works together to deliver results; Participants will be able to determine current fitness levels and understand critical diseases and disorders that can impair leadership capability.

Targeting audience:

Executives and senior officers with leadership or supervisory functions. Such officers are Permanent Secretaries, Vice Chancellors, Rectors, CEOs, Principals, Directors, Commissioners,  Academicians, Managers, team or project leaders.



Dates:  17th to 21st June 2019

Venue: Arusha, Tanzania

Course date: 17-06-2019 8:30 am
Course End Date: 21-06-2019 4:30 pm
Capacity: Unlimited

Workshop Overview:

The supervisors play an important role in the organization. In the current competitive business environment, supervisors are under pressure to maintain the momentum and make a difference in their work. This will be possible only when the supervisors possess the right skills. This five-day workshop is designed to provide the participants with techniques and skills to enhance their effectiveness as supervisors.

Workshop Objective:

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

      Apply the relevant principles of management at their workplace

      Effectively manage the organisational resources

      Use effective decision making tools at the workplace

      Apply motivational techniques to enhance employee performance

      Use situational leadership styles to enhance employee performance

      Adopt effective communication techniques to suit their work

      Resolve internal conflicts with ease

      Diagnose problems and analyze difficult interpersonal situations

      Improve listening, communication, and coaching skills


The trainer will use a variety of training methods, including small group discussions, individual reflection, group sharing exercises, case studies, and work related role-play.

Who Should Attend:

Administrators, Supervisors, Junior Managers and Team Leaders who wish to improve their people management skills.

Venue: Morogoro

Date:  24th to 28th June 2019

Course date: 24-06-2019 8:00 am
Course End Date: 28-06-2019 4:00 pm
Capacity: Unlimited