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Description: -

This workshop will focus on health, HIV& AIDS issues and stress management. The workshop will provide the major life style diseases, the impacts of life style diseases and creating awareness to the participants on the risk factors and prevention of life style disease. On HIV/AIDS updates and awareness will help the individuals and company to be aware on the current trends of the infection and reminded on the proper way and methods for prevention including creation of HIV/AIDS work place programs. We all get stressed at some time in our working life, some more than others. The way we deal with stress is the main difference that separates us, and the degree to which we are affected is also a major variable. Not only can stress affect your ability to work, consequently affecting your business, but more importantly your health. This training offers an insight into Work-Life balance, that is, personal and work-related stress: the causes and the effects. The programme helps the participants to learn strategies for managing stress and deal with it in a positive manner.

Workshop Objective: -

•Determining the knowledge of trainees on the life style diseases

•Determining and discussing different risk factors (Modifiable and non-modifiable) for life style diseases

•Understanding and insight by all into the impacts of HIV/AIDS on the organization;

•Discuss the legal rights of employees at Work place who are HIV positive or have AIDS, and all other employees

•Discuss the action plans to maintain a stable workforce and minimize the adverse impacts of the epidemic on organizational performance;

•Understand different theories/models of stress

•Mapping the causes and effects of stress

•Evaluating stress levels and dealing with stress positively

•Learn about the sources and symptoms of different types of stress

•To learn about the 'Stress Response' and the underlying mechanisms that cause it

•Learn about Stress Management techniques that will help you to overcome stress

•Counseling and confidentiality related to workers health states.

Targeting audience:

CEO's, Directors, Managers, HR’s, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Workers Union members and senior officers.

Dates: 5th to 7th September 2018 ( 3 days)

Venue: Arusha

Course Properties

Course date: 12-11-2018 8:00 am
Course End Date: 16-11-2018 4:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Location Arusha
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