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Workshop Overview

An effective induction is essential for new board members if they are to maximize their contribution within a reasonably short time scale.  Boards are also being required to go much further than just blindly applying principles and recommendations – since these do not guarantee an effective board. The thinking through and robust and appropriate application of the principles and recommendations in each specific context (sector, business, operational environment, stakeholder universe etc.) is what needs to be addressed in order to build an effective board.

Learning Contents

¾     Introduction to the role of the Board

¾     Directors Duties and Board Dynamics

¾     Board Processes and Board Dynamics

¾     Strategy and Direction – the purpose and vision of the organization

¾     Corporate Culture – the values upon which the vision runs

¾     Sustainability

¾     Risk Governance and Oversight

¾     Overseeing Legal Compliance

¾     Board Renewal.

Learning Outcome:-

¾     Exploring roles, duties, liabilities and responsibilities of board members to enhance board performance and effectiveness;

¾     Implementing strategic board leadership skills to foster successful strategy execution and performance;

¾     Ensuring compliance to the range of laws, rules, codes and standards relating to the role of the board;

¾     Enhancing decision-making that fully takes into account the wide range of legitimate material interests of the full variety of stakeholders;

¾ Maintaining good relations with shareholders through participatory management and effective communication;

¾   Overcoming challenges on dealing with conflict of interest in the boardroom to achieve organizational objectives;

¾    Fostering organizational dynamics to establish better communication between management and board members;

¾   Evaluating financial terms and concepts essential to board members to conserve the organization’s financial health;

¾     Reinforcing a culture of accountability and integrity through formulated policies;

¾     Examining the board’s role in corporate governance and compliance requirements;

¾     Managing board differences and influencing them to work towards a common goal.

 Target Audience:

Board Members, Chairpersons, Board Directors, Corporate Secretaries, CEOs, Directors and Senior Management Members

Date:  26th  to 28th February 2019           Venue:  ARUSHA

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Course date: 25-02-2020 8:00 am
Course End Date: 27-02-2020 4:00 pm
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Location Bagamoyo
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