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TaGLA Commends Board Members

Board Members have been commended for their role in leading organization during ongoing challenging global situations.

This was said by TaGLA Executive Director Mr. Charles Senkondo during his closing remarks at the end of a course on "Effective Enterprise Risk Oversight". Mr. Senkondo mentioned that we are living in a world of VUCA; a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity caused by accelerating globalization and connectivity where Board members are put on the spot. He sighted the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US where everyone in the world is affected to date, much more impacts are felt on organizations and even on the individual level on the way we relate. He also sighted the Global Financial Crisis that started in the US and has continuously affected the whole world, the developing countries being affected more severely.


TaGLA Executive Director speaking during the workshop

He mentioned that during such times, people are looking for direction and gravity of able leadership to help them cope and thrive. He commended Board members for taking that noble role in their organizations.   He challenged Board members to take time to reflect, acquire knowledge and share experiences through TaGLA similar programs that would enhance organizational risk oversight capability. The course was attended by 59 Board members from Social Security Funds, Health Insurance Funds, Central Banks and Development Funds targeting  the East African Region.