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The primary purpose of an audit committee is to provide oversight of the financial reporting process, the audit process, the system of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations. The committee expected to review significant accounting and reporting issues and recent professional and regulatory pronouncements to understand the potential impact on financial statements. An understanding of how management develops internal interim financial information is necessary to assess whether reports are complete and accurate;  reviews the results of the audit with management and external auditors, including matters required to be communicated to the committee under generally accepted auditing standards.

Workshop objective:

The objective of this workshop is to understand the roles and functions of audit committee for the government and other public Institutions. The committee establishes procedures for accepting confidential, anonymous concerns relative to financial reporting and internal control matters. Often referred to as a “whistle-blower policy,” the procedures allow individuals to bring questions and issues to light without fear of retribution. The audit committee is responsible for the appointment, compensation and oversight of the work of the auditor.

Workshop output:

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to understand audit committee roles and requirements; role of Internal Audit for corporate governance; corporate governance principles, COSO Enterprise risk management; Financial statements analysis and responsibilities; code of conduct and business ethics, fraud and audit committee roles and responsibilities.

Targeting audience:

Members of Audit Committee, Ministerial Advisory Board Members, Council Members, Accounting Officers, Management teams, Internal Auditors, Chief Accountants, Organization Directors and MDA’s senior officer. 

Dates: 11th  to 15th  December, 2017


Venue: Arusha 

Course Properties

Course date: 11-12-2017 8:00 am
Course End Date: 15-12-2017 4:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Location Arusha
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